Sogni Creative celebrates the power of our visual voice, the strength of an idea and the art of storytelling.

Whether it be through recording moments in life we can easily miss, an advertising campaign or participating in events which unite creative minds - the intention is to learn, grow, share, support and develop ideas which can make positive connection, and even change, through thoughtful design and visual communication.

I am an Australian designer, with over ten years experience in the creative industry, working in both Europe and Australia.

Primarily based in Italy since 2010, I have worked across a wide range of disciplines including graphic design, identity and branding, international design events, advertising, photography, interior design, fine arts and film, including my full-time position at an international institute in the heart of Florence. 

My decision to relocate to Europe grew from the desire to submerge myself in both historic and contemporary art, architecture and design, gaining creative insight beyond my familiar roots.

From here my passion for attending, collaborating and working with international design festivals and events became a vital part of my creative development. Sharing ideas and experiences with creative minds from all over the world forces me to open my own mind, expand my social and cultural boundaries and resist the comfort of familiarity. 

I have had the opportunity to work alongside, collaborate with and share thoughts, ideas and conversations with some incredibly inspiring creatives. From local artisans to industry leaders, these connections have strengthened my belief in the power of visual communication and the real opportunity we have to influence our surroundings. Whether it be big or small, the ablity to effect someone’s mood, change habits or give voice to an important message within our communities, environments and even beyond - is a gift. 

The success of this communication is connection. 

Sogni Creative is a place to share some of my inspirations, observations and perspirations... which I have connected to... and hopefully you do too xx