It was an honour to be the Campaign and Event Manager for Look Upstairs, the landmark event for Melbourne International Design Week 2014, presented by the world renowned agIdeas team and curated by Ken Cato AO.  

LOOK UPSTAIRS brought together the largest gathering of international design leaders ever see in Australia.

Inspired by the M.C Escher quote “Only those who attempt the absurd...will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement... Let me go upstairs and check.”, LOOK UPSTAIRS explored the thinking behind design, uniting41 original thinkers from 20 nations exploring the philosophy, strategy and processes behind some of the world’s most innovative design. 

Dutch Design Week takes place in approximately 80 venues in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Locations included the Design Academy Eindhoven, Faculty of Industrial Design (University of Technology) and the innovative Concept Studio of Peit Hein Eek, The Netherlands most inspiring Furniture Designers.

Piet Hein Eek opened his studio, which has expanded from an initial workspace, to become an eclectic space consisting of his design and production studio, shop, showroom, gallery, restaurant and theatre. Leading by example, Piet Hein Eek proves sustain-able design does not have to compromise aesthetics - infact his most iconic works, using scarp wood, gets even better with age. 


Presented by IMMAGINAE in collaboration with The Municipality
of Cadaqués
 and the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona.

'Sensorium is a festival from a surrealist dream... and on a unique night the dream became reality. Each guest wore the surrealist headpiece of his or her choice. Magic! What stunning, eclectic, and outrageous outfits: a fantastic creature a moonman with a surrealist balloon, a bird-man, blue gloves painted on the dress, a mysterious figure wrapped from head to toe in a white suit, a woman whose headdress was a cage complete with singing birds. Temples of art, liquid desires, culture and food' - SENSORIUM

What an incredible experience to walk the same streets as Salvador Dali, talk with those who knew him, and celebrate in a villa only minutes away form his very own house. Cadaques is a remarkable place, with an incredible, incomprehensible energy… but one that somehow makes a kind of sense of the non-sense of surrealism. 

From the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence Design Week celebrates contemporary design on an international stage, uniting visual, industrial, graphic, interior, fashion and food design from around the world. 

Florence Design Week takes place across the various event sites, including some of the most iconic and breathtaking locations around the city of Florence, Italy.

It has been a pleasure, second, third and fourth edition (with you in spirit from Melbourne for the fifth!) Incredible experiences, inspirational team, brilliant minds! BRAVI RAGAZZI!

Tent London, held in the Old Truman Brewery is the centre of ideas and innovation, showcasing the best of contemporary design. More that just a ‘design fair’, Tent London offers the opportunity to talk with the designer, exchange ideas, techniques and experiences. Can’t wait to be back 24-27 Sept 2015 !! 

100% Design is officially the UK’s largest design trade event celebrating architects, interior designers, retailers and designers - and it was a delight to see both Australian and Italian design included! The event is held each September and is the biggest event during the London Design Festival. -

The FAD Festival celebrates the years best creative works across all sectors including industrial design, graphic design, visual communication, architecture, interior design and fashion design. 

At this moment, I find Barcelona to be one of the most inspiring and electric cities for all creatives, full of life, energy and innovation.  

FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) a private not-for-profit association, promotes design and architecture in Spain and Catalonia. Founded in 1903, FAD has become a standard in Spanish design and architecture supporting professionals and business through awards of excellence, conferences, exhibitions, publications and events. -